Hot Lunch

Every Monday we offer a choice of local restaurant food to be purchased (both on-line and by paper copies available in the office). These lunches are delivered to the school for your child to enjoy in their classroom.

Our Commercial Kitchen is not open on Monday's and this gives you one more choice for lunches on these days.

HOT LUNCH  DATES 2017/2018

September 25     Booster Juice/Panago                               April 30     Subway

October 2            Booster Juice/Panago                               May  7       Booster Juice/Panago     (May Orders due Apr 26th)

October 16          Taco Time                                                  May  14     Taco Time

October 23          Booster Juice/Panago                               May 28      A and W      

October 30          A and W                                                    (June Orders due May 24th)

(November Orders are due Oct. 26th)                                June 4      Booster Juice/Panago

November  6       Booster Juice/Panago                               June 11     Freshii    

November  20     Subway                                                     June 18      Booster Juice/ Panago

November  27     Booster Juice/Panago                          

(December Orders are due Nov 23rd)

December  4        A and W

December  11      Booster Juice/Panago       

December 18       Wok Box

(January orders are due Dec 18th)

January  8            Booster Juice/Panago         

January  15          Freshii

January  22          Booster Juice/Panago          

January 29           Taco Time

(February orders are due Jan 25th)

February  5           Booster Juice/Panago       

February  12         Wok Box

February  26         Booster Juice/Panago     

(March Orders are due Feb 15th)

March  5                Freshii

March  12              Booster Juice/Panago     

March  19              Subway

March 26               Booster Juice/Panago       

(April Orders are due March 22nd)

April  9                   Wok Box

April  23                  Booster Juice/Panago     

These choices will show up in your "optional items" at the bottom of your child's on-line fee account.


Hot Lunch ordering On-line:

  1. You will need to have your child's student ID number (ASN).  If you do not have it you can call the office at 403-887-0491 and ask for Mrs. Slobodian. This is a 9 digit number that follows your child through Kindergarten to College and is on most school documentation and reports you receive.
  2. Please refer to the 'Online Payments' tab on the homepage of the Fox Run website for a quick link to set-up/pay for hot lunch orders, any applicable school fees, option fees, etc.