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Patti Gette


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I was born and grew up in Provost, Alberta. I went to Camrose Lutheran College and the U of A. I was married the summer after getting my Bachelor of Ed. and  began to teach in September that year in Provost.  I have taught for twenty-nine years.  I have a deep passion for the outdoors: boating, quadding, hiking, skiing, walking and biking are activities that bring me closer to nature. I love to spend time with my family.

My husband and I are thrilled to have two son-in-laws. Our youngest (son) is going to attend university in Kelowna, BC to become a mechanical engineer.  We have one grandson (born May 25th, 2014) and one grandaughter (born January, 23rd, 2016)!  We also have one on the way!  We can't wait for him/her to arrive:)

I am so excited to teach with Mrs. Candice McFarlane again this year!  We are looking forward to learning the grade seven curriculum along with our  class:)  It should be an amazing year!