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Bonita Slobodian

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Hello There!

I started out at Fox Run in October of 2001 as an Educational Assistant and have worked over the years with students in grades 6,7 and 8. I left for a year to pursue some other interests but came back, twice! Obviously I love my Fox Run family and seeing the students here every day. The first time was for another year and half as an Educational Assistant and the secod time I came back in August of 2013 as Business Manager in the office which is where I am now. Seemed like a good fit for me as I worked in a bank for 12 years prior to coming to the school system.

I do have 2 kids of my own who were born in Bermuda where I lived for five and a half years but they are all grown up now and have moved out of my house so it's good to come to a place I love every day and see the young faces here.