Basketball Club


Congratulations on joining the Fox Run Basketball Club.  Becoming involved with an organized school team is a memorable experience that involves commitment, hard work, responsibility and LOTS of fun!  :)

Upcoming events:

RDC Team field trip

  • Date: SATURDAY, January 25 - Players and coaches will meet at the school at 11:30am for a team meal (Panago Pizza) followed by a school bus trip into Red Deer College to watch the Kings and Queens play Briecrest College. Details.....
    • 11:30am - meet in the Fox Den for a Pizza lunch
    • 12:00pm - leave for Red Deer College on the Fox Run School Bus
    • 12:30pm - watch the RDC Queens warm-up and play Briecrest College and then the Kings play afterwards (approx. 3:00pm)
    • 5:00pm - load back onto the bus to come back to Fox Run.
    • 5:45pm - Parent pick up at Fox Run

Fox Run Basketball Club Expectations:

1. Basketball Club is a developmental program.  The players will be taught skills the first half of each practice and then be coached to use those skills during the games in the second half of each practice.  We hope to host a couple of tournaments for the players if we can find a team(s) that are capable of playing too.

2. Practice game schedule information is on the Fox Run website under the “Teams/Clubs” tab. Your responsibility is to attend every scheduled practice.  If you need to be excused from attending, please inform one of your coaches well before the event begins. All practice times will be during lunch hour (12:25-12:55). Practices will be Days 1 and 3 for grade 7 and Days 2 and 5 for grade 8, but please check the website (see above) regularly.

2. An athlete may not participate in any after school games or tournaments of a school day if he/she did not attend school that day.

3. Uniforms will be distributed by the coaches.  We will help the players divide into teams of 6-8 players and each mini-team will be given a different colour of Fox Run Athletics shirt so that they can compete as a team in the games during the last half of each practice and the tournament at the end of the season. These shirts/uniforms are for the players to keep.

4. The conduct of the athletes must be the same as what is expected during normal school hours.  Athletes are representatives of Fox Run School and must conduct themselves in a manner which will promote a positive reputation for our school.  Students receiving a school suspension may not participate for the duration of the suspension.  Coaches, homeroom teachers, and administration will review the team membership status of any athlete who receives a school suspension.  Failure to comply with expectations may result in a number of different consequences ranging from being benched from one practice to being suspended from the team.

5. All athletes must maintain their grades in school.  Your coaches will be in touch with your classroom teachers to ensure that all athletes are working to the very best of their ability in all subject areas.

6. Permission forms must be signed and returned.  This season we are trying an online permission form which should be much easier for parents and coaches.  Parents will be sent an email before the end of December. The email will contain a link that will take parents to the permission forms to complete the information and fill in your name (or sign electronically) giving consent for the student to participate.

7. Fox Run Basketball Club fee is $30.00 .  This covers the cost of team shirts, basketballs, flip charts for scoring, cost of paying student-referees, food for a wind-up party, and the cost to take the team to watch basketball at Red Deer College.  In addition to this cost, athletes need to bring a pair of shorts and appropriate running shoes that will be used indoors only.

We look forward to coaching this year’s great group of talented, committed athletes.  Let’s have a great season! If any parents are interested in helping please email Mr. Reynolds:   creynolds@cesd73.ca.  Thanks!




Mr. Reynolds    Mr. Bichel      Mr. Rattray

2018-19  Fox Run Basketball Club Coaches