Fox Run Canyon Ski Trip 2020


*** JAN 14TH SKI DATE FOR GRADE 7 IS POSTPONED TO JANUARY 28TH. Please check here for updates. It will also be announced at school****


January 6th, 2020

Dear Grade Seven and Eight Parents and Guardians,

Our students at École Fox Run School are going to be offered the opportunity to downhill ski at Canyon Ski Resort as part of our Physical Education program.  The Grade 7 students will being going skiing at Canyon Ski Resort on January 14th and January 21st, 2020. The grade eight students will be going on January 23rd and January 30th, 2020. The cost for skiing at Canyon Ski Resort (per day) will be as follows:


Per day fee:

$20.00/ lesson, bus (have Canyon ski pass, no rentals)

$35.00/ Lift ticket, lesson and bus

$52.50/ Lift ticket, lesson, ski rentals and bus OR


$52.50/ Lift ticket, lesson, snowboard rentals, & bus OR


$5.00/ Helmet only (mandatory)

All rentals (ski or snowboard) prices include a helmet

Although skiing or snowboarding is LOADS of fun, we need to keep the dangers of these sports in-mind.  Skiing and snowboarding are sports that have inherent risks involved. Please talk with your children about skiing and snowboarding responsibly, as we will have a safety discussion before hitting the slopes for our lessons.  Again, students must wear helmets and are strongly encouraged to wear wrist guards while snowboarding.

Our goal is to have all students experience this, so if there are financial concerns please contact us to discuss possible payment options.  For those students not attending the ski trips, an academic program will be provided at school for those days.  


Lesson Level Explanations – Please indicate level on following sheet

Level - Description

N - Non-Skier/Non-Snowboarder. This is your first time or less than 5 times on skis or a snowboard

1 - Beginner - prefer slow speeds and easy, moderate, gradual slopes. 

2 - Intermediate - prefer a variety of speed, can ride on a variety of terrain. 

3 - Advanced/Expert - Ski/Snowboard aggressively.  Normally can ski at higher speed in control. Prefer steeper and more challenging terrain. 


Itinerary will be as follows for all ski days:

** note: if the weather is questionable on the ski day and it is necessary to cancel, we will send an email and you can also check the website under extracurricular activities for more information on the ski trip. We will reschedule for a later date if possible**


9:00am             busses leave École Fox Run School                                        

9:45am             arrive at Canyon Ski Resort

10:30am           students get rentals and go to lessons

2:00pm             students finish skiing (return rentals)

2:15pm             busses leave Canyon Ski Resort

3:00pm             students arrive back at École Fox Run School (in time for busses)


It will be an expectation that students bring their own lunches or buy their lunches at the ski hill.  Bringing a bagged lunch and snacks is a very good idea because the prices at the ski hill will be rather expensive.  The students are responsible for their belongings and should bring money for a locker if they want to store any valuables while they are skiing.  Also, be sure that they are well dressed. Bringing extra socks, gloves, eye protection (goggles) and skin protection (lotion) are recommended.   

At the end of the day each student must return to École Fox Run School with their teacher and homeroom unless their parent is present  at 2:00pm. Students and parents that choose to stay at Canyon Ski Resort will be required by Canyon Ski Resort to return any ski equipment and purchase another half day pass.


IMPORTANT information to consider:


- Permission forms - please complete the online permission form prior to the dates sent out according to your forms.

- Payment – payment options will be open from December 14th  – January 10th through your online fee payment account. If online payment is not an option for your family then cheques must be made payable to École Fox Run School. Please call Mrs. Gyori at the office 403-887-0491 if you have any questions about paying online. 

- Parent Volunteers - We look forward to seeing many Parent Volunteers joining us on the ski trip!

    - If you are capable of helping us transport equipment to and from the ski hill please contact your 

      homeroom teacher at 403-887-0491. 

    - For those parents wishing to ski with us, the group rate for adults that we receive from Canyon is 

      $33.00 for the lift ticket (lesson included) and $19.00 extra for ski rentals ($52.00 total, GST 




Fox Run PE Team (Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Bichel, Mrs. Lynn, Mr. Rattray)