Cross Country Running Team

Welcome Back!

Cross Country Running team will host a meeting Tuesday Sept. 5 at 12:30 in the library.This is to give out information for the season.

We are excited to get the team out running. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting! 

Cross Country practice times will be at 12:10pm students will eat their lunch after the run, we will be running Mon, Tues, Wed and Thursdays.  We encourage runners to make all 4 pracitces per week.  The first meet is the Dawe/St. Patricks run in Red Deer on Tuesday, September 19, 2017.  We will leave the school at approx 11 am and will return in time for buses.


Fox Run Cross Country Team has their first meet on Tuesday, Sept 19th/17.

The run will  start in the  field below Heritage Ranch along the paved path and end at Bower Ponds Pavilion.

Runners will be leaving the school at 11:30 pm.  The grade 7 girls will run at 12:30, grade 7 boys will run at 12:45, grade 8 girls will run at 1 pm and grade 8 boys will run at 1:15.  Runners will be back in time for the buses afterschool.

Students will eat their lunch on the bus (light lunch) and can finish the rest of their lunch after the run.  Granola bars and water will be supplied at the end of their run.

Please ensure your runner is dressed for the weather, layers and proper running shoes.

Thanks so much, Cross Country Coaches

DeeAnn Daniels

Renee Eastwood


THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5/17 is the CENAA Cross Country Running Championships

Fox Run Cross Country Team will be leaving the school on Thursday, October 5/17 at 1pm to head to Centennial Park in Innisfail.  There is a coaches meeting at 2pm, the running times for the runners will be as follows (approx)

Grade 7 BOYS - 2:45 pm

Grade 7 GIRLS - 3:00 pm

Grade 8 BOYS - 3:15 pm

Grade 8 GIRLS - 3:30 pm

The bus will be leaving Centennial Park, Innisfail at 5:30pm to bring the team back to Fox Run School

All the runners will be running a 3km scenic trail around a pond.  Please ensure your runner has a water bottle, warm clothes, running shoes,  their FOX RUN CROSS COUNTRY RUNNING TEAM SHIRT and dress in layers, we will be outside for the afternoon.  Runners can pack snacks to eat after their run and bring a blanket to chill out on after running. Any questions please call the school and ask for  DeeAnn Daniels or Renee Eastwood

Thanks so much 

DeeAnn Daniels and Renee Eastwood


On Tuesday, October 17th, the Cross Country Team will be heading to Ponoka for the CWAJHAA our final run of the season!!  We will be leaving the school at 9:15 am with a Coaches meeting at 10:30 am and then the run will begin with the Grade9 students, then grade 8s, grade 7s and grade 6s. They will finish off the day with an Award Ceremony. We should be back at Fox Run School about 4pm.  Your student can text you on the way back so you know when they will be back at the school.  Please ensure the runners have water, snacks, a lunch they don't need to warm up. Please make sure they have layers to wear as we will be outside all day, (mitts and a hat are a good idea too!!) They can also bring a blanket if they want to sit on while waiting and watching other runners.

There will be a concession at this run as well,   they will  have hot dogs, pasta soup, chili , muffins, squares and veggies / fruit, please send money if they want to purchase food

Run time for our runners are as follows;

Gr 8 girls at 11:55am, Gr 8 boys at 12:15pm, Gr 7 girls at 12:40pm and Gr 7 boys at 12:55pm

Grade 8s will run 3.0 km and Grade 7s will run 2.0 km

Thanks so much, any questions please call the school and ask for Mrs Daniels or Mrs Eastwood