Jr. Girls' Volleyball


Fox Run Jr. Girls' Volleyball Team 2018-19

Welcome to our Jr. Volleyball team!  Our team will focus on developing your volleyball skills (passing, setting, serving, hitting) and your gameplay skills while we have fun at practices, games and events throughout our season this Fall.  It's going to be a great volleyball season!  :)

If you have any questions you can contact any of the Jr. Volleyball coaches:
Mr. Rattray  - drattray@cesd73.ca
Mrs. McClelland  -  mmcclelland@cesd73.ca
Ms. O'Krane  -  bokrane@cesd73.ca



  • Practices:
    • practices will usually be Mondays after school (3:15-4:30pm) 
    • players are repsonsible to arrange to be picked up after practices by 4:30pm
    • Practice schedule is listed below
  • Games:
    • games will be played after school at approximately 3:45-4:45pm
    • HOME Games - students will help set up after school and practice until 3:45pm
    • AWAY Games - students will ride the Fox Run bus to our host school and games will be 3:45-4:45pm. Students can then ride the bus back to the school to be picked up by 5:30pm OR ride home with their parent from the game



  • Sept. 12 - player meeting at 12:25pm in the Fox Den (common area) for all students interested in playing.  Information/Permission Package will be handed out at this meeting.  If you miss this meeting please see the office for a package.
  • Date:  Nov. 5 -   "PLAYERS vs. PARENTS"  game (4:15-5:15pm).  This will be an opportunity for our players to show off all of the skills they've been practicing this season.....AND a chance to lay a butt-kicking on Mom and Dad!  :)
  • Date: SATURDAY, January 19 - We have had to postpone this trip until January due to the limited dates that are available and the availability of our coaches.  Players and coaches will meet at the school at 11:30am for a team meal followed by a school bus trip into Red Deer College to watch the Kings and Queens play Briecrest College. Details.....
  • 11:30am - meet in the Fox Den for a Pizza lunch
  • 12:00pm - leave for Red Deer College on the Fox Run School Bus
  • 12:30pm - watch the RDC Queens warm-up and play Briecrest College and then the Kings play afterwards (approx. 3:00pm)
  • 5:00pm - load back onto the bus to come back to Fox Run.
  • 5:45pm - Parent pick up at Fox Run
  • THANK YOU for another great season of Volleyball!!!   Don't forget Basketball tryouts and Volleyball Club (SLVC Wave:  http://slvcwave.ca  ) start at the end of November!  :)


September Practices
Sept. 17  (3:15-4:30pm)
Sept. 18  (3:15-4:30pm)
*Sept. 24  Lunch Recess practice (12:25-12:55pm)
Sept. 26  (3:15-4:30pm)

Oct. 1     (3:15-4:30pm)  *changed to Lunch Recess practice (12:25-12:55pm) to accomodate Sr. team's game.
Oct. 15    (3:15-4:30pm)
Oct. 16    (3:15-4:30pm)
Oct. 22     (3:15-4:30pm)    *changed to a game (see below)
Oct. 29    Lunch Recess practice (12:25-12:55pm) due to Jr. team game after school
Nov. 5     (3:15-5:15pm)  -  practice from 3:15-4:00pm followed by the "Parents vs. Players" games  :)



Date Time Location Opponent
Sept.25 3:45pm CMS Central Middle School (CMS)
Oct.2 3:45pm GCS Gateway Christian School (GCS)
Oct.9 3:45pm Fox Run Normendeau (Norm)
Oct. 22 3:45pm Fox Run  Eastview Middle School (EMS)
Oct. 23 3:45pm GSTS Glendale Science & Technology School (GSTS)
Oct.29 3:45pm Fox Run Westpark Middle School (WMS)
Nov.6 3:45pm Fox Run **changed to Oct. 22