Drama production tickets now on sale! |

Drama production tickets now on sale!

EB Scrooge: A Southern Fried Carol!






About The Show
Cast out your cockneys and leave that stale fruit cake at home ­­ enter a world of grits and gravy, red velvet
cake, and the occasional glass of sweet tea. This modern spin on a timeless classic captures the sights
and sounds of contemporary life in today's South, while maintaining the spirit of Dickens' beloved tale of
greed and redemption.

Ticket Price
$4.00 each
Tickets are on sale now until November 27th. Once tickets are purchased they will be available at the door under
the purchaser's name.

Additional tickets may be purchased at the door pending availability as a maximum of 300 ticket are available.
There will also be additional items for sale the night of performance... such as popcorn and drinks. All proceeds
from this performance go towards enhancing the Fox Run Drama program!

Purchase tickets HERE!