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Kassia Rawlinson


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My name is Kassia Rawlinson and I am 28 years old. I was born and raised in Red Deer, Alberta. I started teaching at Fox Run School in September 2014 after graduating from the Middle Years Program at RDC. It is my fifth year teaching at Fox Run and I am looking forward to continuing to teach in Sylvan Lake for many years to come. 

    My passion for teaching started all the way back in grade 2, through positive experiences with coaches during sports, teachers during school and my amazing grandpa Mike, who was also a teacher. I am extremely fortunate that my family members have always supported me toward my dream of becoming a teacher and I believe that I can make a difference in young students lives through teaching and volunteering within my community.

        I hope that through teaching, mentoring and coaching, I will be able to have a positive effect on children’s overall well being, as my coaches and teachers had on me throughout my life.