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John Fielder


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A little bit about me:

I am one of the grade 7 teachers here at Fox Run.  I started teaching in 1995 at CP Blakely School (grade 6) then moved over to Fox Run initially with the grade 6'ers when the school was first built.  That makes me one of the few remaining 'Fox Run Originals'

I was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare Country, but moved around England a lot as part of a military family.  At 16, I left high school to join the British Army as an apprentice in the aircraft maintenance program.   

Before coming to teaching, I was an airplane mechanic/technician/engineer; the job title was always changing.  I began with fixing jet engined helicopters with the British military then immigrated to Canada.  Once here, I lived in Regina and worked at the airport before moving to Red Deer and working at the regional airport near Penhold, on Cessna and Piper airplanes.

At present, I live in Red Deer with my two daughter and one son-in-law.  My youngest daughter, Taylor, is newly married and working at a chiropractor's office and for a local radio station.  My eldest daughter, Racquel, has now earned her teaching degree and is teaching the grade 7 French immersion program here at Fox Run.

Favorite Childhood Song: "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha Ha" by Neopolean 14

Favorite Musical Groups: Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Meat Loaf, and Fleetwood Mac

Favorite Food: Fish n' Chips with Mushy peas

Favorite Movies: "Good Will Hunting" and "The Martian"  (Matt Damon always needs saving it seems)

Favorite TV show:   'The Blacklist' and 'Live PD'

Favorite Authors: Lee Child (Jack Reacher novels) and Bernard Cornwell (the Saxon Chronicles)

Favorite Vacation Spot:  Ocean Shores on the Washington Coast

Dislikes: Peanut Butter, Mosquitoes, & -30 C weather


This year I am teaching Math and Social Studies to 7Fielder and 7Torgerson/Rawlinson