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Rod Lidberg


Key Roles

I am a grade eight homeroom teacher. I also teach language arts and social studies to my grade eight home room and to Mrs. Martinek's class.  I also teach wood shop to grade eights and sevens.

We have weekly spelling list that we work on to build sentences.  Also, every Friday we have a spelling test.  We are also working on writing skills and grammar in language arts. We have started our second novel study with the book, "The Giver" which we will finish in June. Our last book review will be due May 24th (8L) and May 31st (8M), 2019.   In social studies, we finished "The Aztecs", our second unit.  We have started our last social unit, Japan: From Isolation to Adaptation. For this unit, most of the work is project based learning.  The students will create a graphic textbook.